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Wait for You by J. Lynn

Wait for You  - J. Lynn

I can't with this book....

I guess this whole review could be considered spoilery, but I'm not sure it actually ruins anything. So be warned.

Reasons why I seriously disliked this book:

1) I don't do well with books where victims of rape are blamed for their rape. In this book Avery's parents had her sign a non-disclosure agreement at the age of 14 (which seems kind of illegal actually, can a 14 year old really consent to something like that?). So her rapist was let off the hook and she was forced to never talk about it again.

2) The ass hole rapist in question? His name is Blaine. All I could think about was this guy....

His name is Blane? Oh! That's a major appliance, that's not a name!

His name is Blane? Oh! That's a major appliance, that's not a name!


A small infraction, but I had to mention it bc that name is obviously the stereotypical rich guy name. Right along with Brock or Harris.

3) Then, THEN there's this girl Molly we meet toward the end of the book who was also raped by Blaine. Molly actually BLAMES Avery for her rape. She sends Avery scathing emails and texts throughout the book calling her a lying whore.

Then when Avery goes to talk to Molly to apologize (for what? I don't even fucking know), Molly slaps her. FUCKING SLAPS HER. I'm getting more ragey as I type this review.

4) There's something about Avery's character that I just didn't like. It's more than the fact that she doesn't stick up for ever. I can't really put my finger on it, so I almost didn't include it in my review, but I can't ignore it either.

I think it might have to do with the fact that she didn't feel the need to start working on her problems until a man entered the picture. 'Cause we all know it takes a big strong manly man to help us confront our demons. /sarcasm

I dunno....I'll have to think about it more.

5) Ooooh, also, let's not forget the stereotypical uber-flamboyant gay friend! Can't have this kind of book without him.

6) Everything was just such a cliché, from Avery's parents; richy rich's who cared more about their social circle then their daughter. To Blaine. To the gay best friend. To Cam's awesome parents who showed Avery how a "real" family is suppose to treat each other.

The only thing I really liked about this book were the witty conversations between Avery and Cam (bc Armentrout is really good with witty), and Cam's Saint-like patience with Avery bc honestly.....

Otherwise this book gets a thumbs down for me.

Celtic Moon by Jan DeLima

Celtic Moon - Jan DeLima

Yay!!! My first paranormal book, in what seems like FOREVER, that I've actually finished!


I've been reading a lot of horrible books lately. They've been so bad that I've actually gone back to reading fanfiction. FANFICTION. The fics I've been reading have been leaps and bounds better that the tripe books I've read lately, and fanfic is free, so bonus!

Anyway, enough of my ranting, Celtic Moon was awesome. It had everything I look for in a book: a badass heroin (who listens to advice and actually follows it), a swoon worthy hero (who isn't afraid to admit when he's wrong), and secondary characters whom I really enjoyed learning about (Joshua and

This was one of the rare books where I didn't actually hate anyone. Nobody was annoying. Plus, the plot was fantastic. I can't wait until the next book!

UnAttainable by Madeline Sheehan

Unattainable  - Madeline Sheehan

I had higher hopes for this book which is probably why I was a little let down. The plot followed the same timeline as the other books....

- girl meets boy (and I say "girl" and "boy" bc while they are adults they certainly act like children), they have sex. boy feels guilty, says something dickish and the two go separate ways.

- girl and boy meet up several years later, boy realizes he misses girl but won't admit to any deep feelings.

- girl and boy mess around. then they fight. then they mess around some more, and on and on.

- some shooting goes down, one of the characters nearly dies, boy and girl separate again for another year or so.

- one or both of the characters go on a drinking/drug binge until the end of the book when FINALLY boy and girl get their shit together.

Anyway, I don't mind repetitive storylines if the characters are interesting, unfortunately these characters fell a little flat. Which is a shame bc from the snippets we saw of older Tegan in the previous book, I was really looking forward to reading more about her.

What I did enjoy, however, was the secondary plot (Ellie and Dirty). Those characters had a great amount of depth and I wish they had gotten their own book.

I haven't read a book in almost two weeks bc I went on a Supernatural marathon bender.

Season 7, episode 5 here I come!!!


Why didn't I start watching this show sooner?



Dedication in Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Dedication in Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
This Song Will Save Your Life - Leila Sales

"You think it's so easy to change yourself.

You think it's easy, but it's not."




- Elise is totally relatable as a 15 year old girl.  She's insecure.  She's self centered.  However, she's growing and learning too.  She's also not afraid to admit she makes mistakes.


- I love the idea of an outcast finding her way, through music.


- I really enjoyed the secondary characters.


- The writing was done well.  The author spent a good amount of time giving us enough background to understand where Elise was coming from, but not so much back story to bore us (I'm not usually a fan of "flash backs", but this was done well enough to not have me skip around).





- I didn't like the way Elise treated her father, like he was pretty much a throwaway parent.


- Hated some of the characters....HATED them.


""Goodreads book import progress: 725 books, 4 imported, 721 left....

Estimated time left: 3061 hours""

3061 hours?  Oh, is that all?


Undescribable (Undescribable, #1) - Shantel Tessier I feel like I should challenge myself to read some books that are rated 3.7 and under. I try not to let a books rating be a factor in whether or not I will give it a read, but I must admit that more often than not, I do.I have no idea how or why this book has a 4+ star rating. There are a ton of grammatical errors. The author switches from first person narrative to third person narrative on several occasions. This all besides the fact that these characters are suppose to be in their twenties and act like they're teenagers.So much miscommunication. So many instances where both characters jumped to conclusions. I've never wanted to punch two characters in junk more so than these two. Slade tells Sam that he loves her. Sam freaks out and says she needs space and some time to process everything. After two days of no contact Sam freaks out AGAIN, and automatically assumes that he's given up on her and is not interested anymore....seriously. She got pissed and all depressed bc he did exactly what she asked. If I could punch her through the screen I would. Gah....just so friggin' annoying.
The Devil's Revenge - Jennifer Loren I have no idea why Voldermort (with a nose) is on the cover of this book.
Truth - Aleatha Romig **sigh**I'm so conflicted. I love the duplicitous characters. The mystery, the author managed to keep the story moving and got over her fear of contractions, lol.Unfortunately, I just can't ever truly get behind a story that has it's kidnapped heroine fall in love with her kidnapper/abuser. An abuser, who by the way, nearly kills her in the first book and doesn't realize his "true feelings" for her until he's nearly beaten her to death. Add to that, he can't come out and actually say he beat her, he calls it an "accident". No ass hole, you kicked the shit out of her, have the balls to admit it.Anthony Rawlings is not hawt or sexy. He is an abusive, manipulative, prick.Yes, I'm still filled with rage, lol.
Consequences - Aleatha Romig My feelings while reading a majority of this book:I had no idea where this story was going....was this suppose to be a romance? Was it a story of Stockholm syndrome? Was it trying to shine light on abusive relationships and how difficult they can be to get out of? I was truly disgusted, and angry, and quite frankly started to skim and skip bc I couldn't friggin' handle it. (not to mention that the author got really "wordy" and descriptions seemed to go on for-ever)Then the twist happened and I literally wanted to reach through my screen and cut Anthony's balls off myself.Then I got to the very end and everything came full circle, and I finally....FINALLY....understood everything. Still I'm only giving it three stars bc I feel like nearly half of the book could have been edited out and the story would have been exactly the same.So if you are like me, and you were having trouble finishing the book, try and make it to the end. You'll still rage and want to throw your book/reader/laptop against the wall, but the final chapter brings everything to light which makes everything a little bit more bearable.
The Nature of Cruelty - L.H. Cosway My thoughts about this book can best be summed up in one sound....
Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1) - Amelia Hutchins Would have been 4 stars but I couldn't get past Ryder's horrible point of view. I honestly don't even know why it was included....completely superfluous and rather annoying.
Come Alive - Karina Halle It's 3 a.m. and I just finished this amazing book. I'm going to be exhausted tomorrow, but it was fucking worth it.
How Beauty Loved the Beast (Tales of the Underlight, #3) - Jax Garren I really, really, really enjoyed this series. The problem I have with most romance books (of any genre) is the cheese factor. The book can be angsty as fuck. The main characters won't be able to express their feelings for 3/4 of the book, and then BAM! an epiphany is had, and the last 50 pages are filled with "I love you. You make the sun rise, and the wind blow. You're the reason my heart beats. I never knew what love was until I found you. Blah, blah, blah, more cheese on heart shaped crackers."And I'm like, gag me...That was not a problem with this book. The moments were tender. They were real, and they felt true to character. Such a fabulous end to a fabulous story.(I also feel like one of the character's fate was left open so that the author could write a spin off, which would be verah interesting.)

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