Consequences - Aleatha Romig My feelings while reading a majority of this book:I had no idea where this story was going....was this suppose to be a romance? Was it a story of Stockholm syndrome? Was it trying to shine light on abusive relationships and how difficult they can be to get out of? I was truly disgusted, and angry, and quite frankly started to skim and skip bc I couldn't friggin' handle it. (not to mention that the author got really "wordy" and descriptions seemed to go on for-ever)Then the twist happened and I literally wanted to reach through my screen and cut Anthony's balls off myself.Then I got to the very end and everything came full circle, and I finally....FINALLY....understood everything. Still I'm only giving it three stars bc I feel like nearly half of the book could have been edited out and the story would have been exactly the same.So if you are like me, and you were having trouble finishing the book, try and make it to the end. You'll still rage and want to throw your book/reader/laptop against the wall, but the final chapter brings everything to light which makes everything a little bit more bearable.