Undescribable (Undescribable, #1) - Shantel Tessier I feel like I should challenge myself to read some books that are rated 3.7 and under. I try not to let a books rating be a factor in whether or not I will give it a read, but I must admit that more often than not, I do.I have no idea how or why this book has a 4+ star rating. There are a ton of grammatical errors. The author switches from first person narrative to third person narrative on several occasions. This all besides the fact that these characters are suppose to be in their twenties and act like they're teenagers.So much miscommunication. So many instances where both characters jumped to conclusions. I've never wanted to punch two characters in junk more so than these two. Slade tells Sam that he loves her. Sam freaks out and says she needs space and some time to process everything. After two days of no contact Sam freaks out AGAIN, and automatically assumes that he's given up on her and is not interested anymore....seriously. She got pissed and all depressed bc he did exactly what she asked. If I could punch her through the screen I would. Gah....just so friggin' annoying.