This Song Will Save Your Life - Leila Sales

"You think it's so easy to change yourself.

You think it's easy, but it's not."




- Elise is totally relatable as a 15 year old girl.  She's insecure.  She's self centered.  However, she's growing and learning too.  She's also not afraid to admit she makes mistakes.


- I love the idea of an outcast finding her way, through music.


- I really enjoyed the secondary characters.


- The writing was done well.  The author spent a good amount of time giving us enough background to understand where Elise was coming from, but not so much back story to bore us (I'm not usually a fan of "flash backs", but this was done well enough to not have me skip around).





- I didn't like the way Elise treated her father, like he was pretty much a throwaway parent.


- Hated some of the characters....HATED them.