The Kiss Off - Sarah Billington This book had a TON of promise. I started reading and enjoyed the writing within the first paragraph. I like characters who sound authentic, and Poppy certainly "sounded" like a teenager.I even enjoyed the plot. Who doesn't remember their first heartbreak? Especially when that heartbreak comes at the expense of a life long friendship (Cam and Poppy were great friends to begin with).Then, a quarter of the way in, the book jumped the shark. It wasn't one specific moment, but a whole lot of moments and suddenly, I didn't love the book so much.I think one of the things that made me lose interest was the relationship between Ty and Poppy. The author spends about about four chapters building this relationship. That's it. Then Ty's band gets famous (from covering Poppy's song) and they leave on tour.I don't feel like there was enough time for me to get invested in their relationship. I didn't get to know Ty well enough to know whether or not he would lie or cheat and honestly, I didn't care either way.Then, we learn about Cam's "cheating", and the subsequent break up. It was all a little too FRIENDS....Actually, it was exactly like that, which did nothing but induce major eye rolling from me.I'm actually really sad this book didn't live up to my expectations.