Untamed City: Carnival of Secrets - Melissa Marr The entire book is set up and world buildng. I'd hold off reading it until the next one came out.----------------Now that I have my computer back let me expound on my original review.While I still feel like this book is one big prologue, that is not where my biggest problem lies.I would like to preface my thought with this.....I have read a lot of shape-shifter/werewolf books. In each of these books there is an alpha, a man who "rules" over everyone else. He sees his pack as "his", so the idea of dominance in shifter books is not new to me.However, I've never read a book where the women are deemed as second class citizens. In Carnival of Souls the women are literally referred to as "chattel".Perhaps if I were reading a historical novel the idea of women as slaves probably wouldn't bother me (as much), however this book is written in present day.Yes, the Carnival of Souls takes place in a separate world with separate rules, but the idea that women are sold off (essentially) and told to "breed" by the time they are 18 makes me really, really uncomfortable.