The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken This book broke my heart. I haven't read a story this angsty in some time and it hurts SO good.This book reminded me of those horror movies where a car full of college students ends up in some small podunk town out in the middle of nowhere. Said podunk town is housing a sadistic serial killer and everyone in town is in on it. No matter where you go, or whom you turn to, you're not safe.There's a feeling of anxiety when you watch those kinds of movies (Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes to mind)....almost like suffocation. That was the kind of feeling I had while reading this book. From the very beginning when Ruby is taken to a "rehabilitation" camp just after her 10th birthday, to the very last page.If you're the kind of person who requires a HEA, or some kind of closure at the end of a book, you may want to wait until the 2nd book comes out to read.And the next book isn't scheduled to come out until next December? A year from now? Lame.