Forgotten - Cat Patrick I was extremely excited when I started this book. The premise reminded me of the movie Momento, which I loved, so I was super stoked to find a book that was (sort of) similar.I was hooked from the opening paragraph. I was intrigued. Why does London's memory reset at 4:33 a.m. each day? Why does she "remember" the future like most remember the past? Why can't she see Luke in her future?Unfortunately, none of these questions are fully answered. We're given round-about explanations, but nothing in depth. I'm really good at stretching my imagination (I read paranormal books for crying out loud), so really, the author could have said anything and it would have been okay (for me, anyway), but she never explains why she thinks London remembers the future (unless I missed it).Then, near the end of the book the author opens a story line that she never even finishes! It's a HUGE twist, something that should be given a good amount of time to develop and then....Epilogue. It's over. It's over? Really?So unfortunately, this book gets a sad lonely star. I wouldn't suggest anyone read it bc you'll just be let down when it's over.