The Shadow Reader - Sandy Williams So initially I rated this book 4 stars. I did enjoy the book (very much so) but there was something that was holding me back from giving it a full 5 stars. I don't even know what that "something" was....But now I'm coming back and amending my review. I've been thinking about these characters since I finished the damn book and that has to account for something, right? I can't seem to shake 'em.I think the thing that bothered me (in the beginning) was the love triangle. I hate love triangles. HATE THEM. For me, they are an easy out. Need conflict? Start a love triangle. In most triangles the choice is clear. Twilight? Edward, obviously. Hunger Games? Peeta. Some readers like to go against the grain and choose the less popular choice, but for most of the readership the choice easy.However, both of the men in The Shadow Reader are swoon worthy. There is no obvious "winner" in my eyes which is why I didn't find this triangle as annoying.So yeah....upping this bad boy to a 5. I'd definitely recommend it :)