Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter Problems I have with this book:1. Do 17 year old males call boobs "breasts"? Don't think so. Do 17 year old females call boobs "breasts"? Hardly. The dialogue just felt extremely phony.2. There were at least three for four instances where male characters tried to silence the female protagonist by putting their fingers to her lips. If I had that many people touching my lips trying to shut me up, I'd be pissed. I was pissed just reading it.3. There is so much back story the author had to get out that there were several long drawn out history lessons, and I found myself getting bored trying to wade through it all.4. Kylie (female protagonist) was soooooooooooo friggin' whiny. In the beginning she whines about being dumped by her boyfriend Trey. Then she whines about finding out she's not 100% human (a little whining or displeasure in the beginning is understandable, but to whine about for 3/4 of the book? friggin' annoying).Then her constant flip flopping between Derek and Lucas....omg, just stop already.It's still an OK book. I found myself getting drawn in several times, and then Kylie would do or say something which would cause me to just roll my eyes.