Death Blows - D.D. Barant 3.5 stars, but I thought I'd round up.Things I enjoyed:- Jace and Charlie's relationship; by far my favorite part in the books thus far.- I like the idea of alt universes and how nearly each person in the thrope/pire world has a doppelganger in Jace's world.- I like the comic aspect, I thought it was interesting.- Jace's wit had me laughing out loud on multiple occasions.Things I didn't enjoy:- There's only one thing I didn't really enjoy, and it was that this book was one big information dump. While I found the idea of the plot intriguing, I felt like I was getting a lecture about alt universes and the space time continuum nearly every chapter. On top of that there was the explanation about how comic (or kamic) books work in the thrope/pire world. How they're magical and were eventually outlawed. Everything was so convoluted that I finished the book not entirely understanding how we made it to the end.I still enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend it, just be prepared for the paranormal education you're about to receive.