Exiled - M.R. Merrick I've had a difficult time trying to write a review for this book. 1) I find it really weird that the author has given himself a 5 star review.It makes me uncomfortable and makes me feel like the author is stalking his review page. Perhaps this is why there hasn't been much descent toward the book? People are afraid to get reamed out for a negative review, which has been happening a lot lately on goodreads.2) I have no idea how this book has 4.5 stars out of 5. When I see a book with this high of a review rating, I expect something extraordinary, and this book is far from extraordinary.My issues: 1) This book was very predictable. So predictable that I feel the characters were extremely moronic to not have figured everything out sooner. I managed to figure it out after the first hint was given, and since we're experiencing everything from Chase's viewpoint, I have no idea why he couldn't figure it out sooner.2) There were a ton of misspellings and grammatical errors. I found myself playing a game of "Where's Waldo The Next Grammatical Error" (doesn't quite have the same "ring" as Waldo, but whatever).3) I felt like the antagonist in this book (Chase's dad) was way over done...like a characterature of an evil villain. Chase's father could have still been a dick (still been evil) without going so far overboard. Instead of hating him, I found myself rolling my eyes every time Chase had a flashback.4)The fact that Chase starts out with no elemental powers in the beginning of the story...the reason why he is exiled. Then all of a sudden develops not one but two powers is so friggin' cliché, so expected, that I literally had a countdown in my head of when we would discover his super human capabilities. I'm currently taking bets on whether or not there will a love triangle in later installments.While I didn't totally hate the book, I didn't think it was outstanding either. It was as my star rating indicates, merely "ok".