Crewel - Gennifer Albin My only gripe about this book is that I didn't really get how "weaving" worked. There were HUGE information dumps trying to explain it and nothing made sense. I'm sure I'd have to reread it several more times just to understand, but I don't have the patience.I sort of imagine it like the Matrix. People are walking around in a digital world. The way this world is created are by "Spinsters" who essentially cross-stitch the weather, and food, and animals, etc. There's way too much I don't understand, and quite frankly it makes me feel a bit stupid, lol. Like what happens when people die? What happens to their bodies? I don't get how they somehow get "absorbed" back into the weave (which is what was said in the book). If they're physical beings (instead of some sort of projection like The Matrix) how do their bodies just disappear?Does the author even know? Because when Adalice (the main character) asks these questions in the book, nobody seems to know the answer. So is the "absorption" explanation some sort of cop out so she doesn't have to delve too deep and explain herself?And since I didn't understand exactly how "weaving" works. I didn't really get the end.However, the in between parts - the actual story - I really enjoyed. I'm hoping that book #2 does a better job explaining everything. Or maybe after a couple of days of completing this book, things will suddenly start to make sense.Doubt it though =",",",",",",0,,,,, 12288282,Gunmetal Magic"