The Grey Tier: A Dead Celeb Mystery - Michele Scott WARNING....I did not finish this book. I tried, and I just couldn't....**sigh**I feel like I've started so many books recently, and all of them have been so disappointing. This one was just like the last several books I've read. However, I did make it through more then halfway before throwing in the towel, so I felt like I could rate it appropriately.Paranormal books generally discuss topics that are unbelievable. Vampires. Werewolves. Faeries. Ghosts. All topics that I've read and loved. Some plots are absolutely ridiculous (drug abusing witch who banishes demon-like ghosts? yes please), but bc the way they are written, they don't seem absurd. In fact, they suck you in.The Grey Tier did not capture at all. Every time I read a new plot point I thought "omg...that's absolutely ridiculous", instead of "yes! gimme more!".I mean, Evie goes from living-in-her-van-homeless to becoming a makeup artist to a super famous pop star in about 20 pages. She also finds herself living in a super swanky mansion that is haunted by Bob Marley, Janis Joplin and a 90s rockstar. I guess there just wasn't enough character development to make any of this seem plausible or "real".It also read like poorly written fanfiction to me, which is probably another reason why I didn't like it all that much.