Oxford Blood - Georgiana Derwent How books like these get such high ratings is beyond me. I read about 3/4 of the book so I feel that I am able to rate fairly.I wanted to read this book because the premise sounded interesting (a secret college society run by vampires? yes, please), but the writing just didn't stand up.There was a considerable lack of world and character building. Instead of reading a complete story, I felt as if I were scene jumping. In chapter one Harriet gets accepted to Oxford. In chapter two she's at Oxford. By chapter three she's supposedly made fast friends with a large number of people, but because the author didn't take time to build these characters or the blossoming friendships they all seem so fake.I just didn't buy it...any of it. It's funny, you don't realize how important the little things are until you read a book that completely forgoes detailing the little things.