Touched - Corrine Jackson More like 3.5 but I decided to round up bc I liked more then I disliked.My major beef with this book is that it's pretty much Twilight in a different paranormal universe.Asher is Edward and at first he's all hot and aloof and broody. Remy is Bella only more badass. She has some serious self esteem issues thanks to her horrid abusive step father (she feels she's awkward and hideous...obviously she doesn't see herself clearly...obviously). She is warned off from starting a relationship with Asher by her sister Lucy (whom she just met). Remy is all don't worry....Asher and Remy stare at each other from across rooms for weeks...Eventually they decide to screw their tragic pasts and get get the idea.Aside from all of that I really did like the book. I enjoyed the world that the author created and while Remy's relationship with Asher resembles Twilight, Remy is no where near as annoying as Bella. I wouldn't let the above similarities prevent you from reading the book.