The Art of Fielding: A Novel - Chad Harbach I'm a huge baseball fan.HUGE.Between the months of February and October I'm glued to the tv to watch my team play. Though you can catch me in orange and black year round (GO GIANTS!!!).As such, I've been looking for a fictional baseball book for a while now. A baseball book that doesn't have a scantily clad man on the front cover with his athletic equipment held provocatively in front of his junk.I have finally found that book!!!One of the many things I find fascinating about baseball are the streaks that players (and teams) go through. One moment they're hot, the next they can't hit a ball (or win a game) to save their lives. Streaks all have to end at some point, but the thing to watch for is whether or not a player can bounce back from the break or if they crumble under the pressure. My favorite storyline in this book is about Henry who has a difficult time once his zero error streak is broken.Henry's storyline along with Schwartz's (oh god Schwartz, break my heart why dontcha) were the only parts of the book I was interested in. I didn't really care about Pella (mainly bc she didn't understand how awesome baseball was...psha). And while I enjoyed the beginning of Affenlight and Owen's story, I found myself skimming those parts to get back to the baseball (which was described beautifully btw...I found myself immersed in the play by play description).So, so glad I finally read this book.