Painted Faces - L.H. Cosway We're only two and a half months into 2013 and I've already read 14 books. I read over 150 books last year. I'm not telling you this to pat myself on the back. I'm just letting you know that I read....a lot.Unfortunately there's a downside to reading so much, and that downside is that books start to blend together. I often have friends who say, "So I read that book you recommended....", and even after getting a basic synopsis of the plot I still won't have any idea to which book they are referring.All of this to say that I won't be having that problem with Painted Faces. While the bare bones plot isn't necessarily new (and what plot is an original these days), the backdrop for the story is like nothing I've read before.I mean...straight hot boy drag queen? Yes please (never thought I'd hear myself say those words, lol). Plus, Fred (short for Freda, the female lead) is just all kinds of awesome.I also really loved the quote at the beginning of the book:For all of the men who are women and the women who are men, the men who are men and the women who are women. And those of you who are a little bit of both. You colour my world.Not everything in life is black and white, most things come in shades of grey....or pink, or orange, or turquoise. I think the author did a great job at illustrating that sentiment in this book. I have no doubt that Painted Faces will push people out of their comfort zones just a bit. And hey, we all need a little push every now and then.