Rule (Marked Men, #1) - Jay Crownover Remember when you could pick up a book at the book store and be guaranteed that the book would have gone through several edits. That each sentence would flow nicely. That spelling and grammar mistakes would be found and corrected. I feel like with the popularity of self publishing these small things are going by the wayside.And*, unfortunately it's these small things that can really take you out of a story. When you start paying more attention to all of the mistakes in a book, instead of paying attention to the characters and plot, that's a huge problem.(bolded emphasis mine)"...not that I remembered the girl's name or what she looked like or if had even been worth her time...." "Any chick that was willing to come how with a stranger...""I hope you had a good time last night and you can leave your number but we both the chances of me calling you are slim to none."All of these took place in the first chapter, within the first ten (or so) pages of the book. After the last error I decided I couldn't move on with the story. I was officially distracted. If there were at least three mistakes in the first ten pages, how many mistakes are to be found in the remaining 300?I didn't give any stars though because I didn't finish the book, but if grammatical errors are a pet peeve of yours I would stay away.*I know that you're not suppose to start a new paragraph with "and", but I'm a lowly goodreads reviewer so I think I get a little leeway ;)