Raid - Kristen Ashley There were parts of this book that had me rolling my eyes to the back of my head (in annoyance). Raiden is of the impression that women can't talk about football. Even if they love football, apparently, they don't know what the hell they're talking about.What.the fuck.ever.I may not know specific stats, but I know every starter on the 49ers and I can talk to any man, at length, about the season. Same with baseball.Raid may be an alpha male. He may give Hannah orders and be a bit of a prick sometimes....but that football statement really pissed me off. lol.I was also annoyed by Hannah's friend, KC, basically telling her that she had to put up with Raiden's alpha male shit bc "that's just who he is". If he's bossy, shut the hell up and take it. If he tells you what to do, say "okay" and just do what you were going to do anyway. He pushes you into a wall to get his point across? Dude...that shit is hot.Anyway. I enjoyed the book. I laughed out loud in a ton of places. There was drama. There was smut. Though I will admit that Raiden's chauvinistic tendencies pissed me off plenty.